Sheriff Oash Whiteleaf

Sheriff of outpost 66


Oash is a Half Elf of medium build, with long blonde hair kept in a ponytail, with blue eyes. He walks with a slight limp. An injury sustained when he was a sell sword in his youth.


Oash Whiteleaf has been in charge of Outpost 66 from its origin 10 years ago. He is a friendly and honest half elf, who only desires peace and quiet. Oash’s wife Dimertyll was killed when she was thrown from her horse four years ago. Oash has become obsessed with finding a way to communicate with his dead wife, and has thrown himself into the study of communing with the dead. He is a ravenous consumer of all information with regard to such.

Outpost 66 is very peaceful with only the occasional tavern brawl to quell, and rarely sees outsiders. Two years ago a group of raiders attacked, only to be turned back by the local guard with no casualties.

Oash has 15 deputy sheriffs at his command. His relationship with UnderSheriff Gerill, is one of quiet dislike.

Sheriff Oash Whiteleaf

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